New "Age of Ulton" Teaser Hints At Avengers' Dystopian Roster

Marvel's just-released teaser for "Age of Ultron" gives fans a further glimpse into the differences between the current Marvel U and the reality created by Hank Pym's most dangerous creation gone awry. From a Nick Fury-esque version of Captain America to a battle-damaged Thing, the Brandon Peterson-drawn image illustrates just how bad things are set to get for Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the upcoming event.

"In 'Age of Ultron,' we're confronting one of the legacies of a founding member of the Avengers who created this artificial intelligence, that since its creation has been planning the end of our world. It's been just a matter of time before he gets smart enough to do it -- and 'Age of Ultron' is the day he gets smart enough to do it," series writer Brian Michael Bendis told CBR in his recent Avengers retrospective. "[T]here's a big, grand disaster story being told. That's going to be the fun of it. Overall though, there's certainly a theme of technology, responsibility and legacy. Any level of Marvel character can bring something into this that could be the greatest thing ever or the worst thing ever."

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