New Actionopolis Titles Headed To Comic Shops In The New Previews

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Official Press Release

(May 24, 2006) - Komikwerks announced today that the next round ofsummer reading from the Actionopolis book line -- HEIR TO FIRE andSPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI -- are now available in the June DiamondPreviews Catalog.

The books feature work by both up-and-coming and veteran comicscreators -- creators like Gary Reed ("Baker Street", "Red Diaries"),Rick Hoberg ("Star Wars", "Static Shock"), Rob M. Worley ("YoungAncient One", "Advent Rising") and Mike Dubisch ("Dungeons andDragons").

"We just got back from Book Expo America and the reaction toActionopolis has been overwhelmingly positive," said publisher ShannonDenton. "We're very excited to be bringing our comic booksensibilities to young readers, and hoping that we can help bringyoung readers back into comic shops."

Preview copies of the beautiful, hardbound illustrated prose chapterbooks are already garnering praise from industry professions.

"Rick Hoberg has created magnificent illustrations for SPIRIT OF THESAMURAI...but you don't need me to tell you that. Just look," saidMark Evanier, co-creator of GROO and writer for TV's GARFIELD.

Dan Brereton, creator of the monsterific NOCTURNALS and thefan-favorite BATMAN: THRILLKILLER had high praise as well. "There wasa time stuff this fun was only found in the monster comics we weren'tsupposed to read. It's comforting to know kids don't have to work thathard to enjoy a great story like HEIR TO FIRE."

Look for Actionopolis books on page 307 of the June Diamond Previewscatalog, listed under Komikwerks. The ordering codes are JUN06 3237(for HEIR TO FIRE) and JUN06 3238 (for SPIRIT OF THE SAMURAI).

Stop by http://www.actionopolis.com for downloadable preview chaptersof both books and a look at our upcoming titles.


Actionopolis, founded by Komikwerks' publishers Shannon Denton andPatrick Coyle, is a new line of illustrated novels for young adultspublished by Komikwerks, LLC. The Actionopolis line abides by thephilosophy that action and adventure should be driven by strongconcepts, fully developed characters, and of course, good stories.Actionopolis is dedicated to delivering exciting, and above all, FUNbooks for all ages.

The first in a line of more than 15 new series of books will beginshipping in July of 2006.

For more information please visit http://www.actionopolis.com


Komikwerks is a leader in digital publishing of comics online.Komikwerks is partnered with Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment to publisha line of premiere Internet comics called Stan Lee's Sunday Comics onKomikwerks.com and provides exclusive content to the AOL: RED website.Komikwerks also publishes ebook versions of creator owned graphicnovels and has published a variety of projects in print and digitalformats featuring Joe Kubert, Ray Bradbury, Bernie Wrightson, KeithGiffen, Raymond Chandler, Dave Gibbons, Mike Mignola, Michael Lark, P.Craig Russel, and many more. Komikwerks has been featured in many newsand entertainment periodicals including Variety, USA Today, and WizardMagazine.

Komikwerks recently signed an exclusive worldwide distributionagreement with Publishers Group West, one of the top ten vendors ofbooks in the country. Publishers Group West represents over 150independent publishers, who together are publishing some of the mosttopical, innovative, literary, and award-winning books availabletoday.

Visit Komikwerks at http://www.komikwerks.com

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