Netflix's "Punisher" Series Reportedly Casting Major Supporting Character

The Punisher made his explosive Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Season 2 of "Daredevil." After wowing audiences, it wasn't long before Netflix announced Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle would be getting his own standalone series. Aside from a brief teaser, little has been revealed so far about the fifth Marvel-Netflix series, but MCU Exchange reports that casting has already begun for at least one new character for the show.

The studio is reportedly looking for someone to fill the shoes of David "Microchip" Lieberman. "Micro," as he's commonly known in the Marvel universe, debuted in 1987 within the pages of "The Punisher" as Castle's go-to weapons and tech guru. Over time, Micro transformed into one of Punisher's formidable enemies, so it's unclear how this relationship will play out within the show.

Micro has shown up a couple times as Easter eggs already: In "Agents of SHIELD," he is referenced as part of the Rising Tide hacking group, and in "Daredevil," Castle can be seen receiving a CD with Lieberman's code name name scribbled on it.

Although the Netflix mobile app once stated "The Punisher" series was coming in 2017, that date has not been officially confirmed, so fans will have to wait a bit for more information. However, the next streaming Marvel show, "Luke Cage," will premiere on September 30.

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