Netflix's Locke and Key Adds Two Key Cast Members

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Locke & Key has had a particularly long path to TV. The IDW Publishing comic book series, which was created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, remains one of the most unique horror comics released in the last decade. Now, it's finally coming to Netflix, and the production just added two more members of the cast.

The series just added Thomas Mitchell Barnet (Saving Hope) as a series regular and Asha Bromfield (Riverdale) in a recurring role, according to Deadline.

Barnet will portray Sam Lesser, a sensitive young man. In the comic books, Sam was bullied at school and snapped, and he commits the one act that sets all the events in the story into motion. He becomes one of the primary human antagonists in the story.

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Bromfield will portray Zadie, a horror nerd and a member of the Savini Squad, which is named after the special effects maestro Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead). The group on the Locke & Key Netflix series is a group of misfit kids who love horror movies. Petrice Jones (Step Up: High Water) was cast as Scot, the leader of the group, and Bromfield joins him as part of that group.

Locke & Key tells the story of the Locke family siblings of Tyler, Kinsey and Bode as their mother moves them into the Key House after their father dies. When they arrive, the kids find keys that open up different doors in the house that leads to spectacular and dangerous places.

Meanwhile, a demon living under the home has his eyes set on Bode, the youngest child, as it tries to gain access to the keys and control of the house. If the Netflix series plays out like the comics, the Savini Squad might play a large role in those plans as well.

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Emilia Jones (Kinsey), Connor Jessup (Tyler) and Jackson Robert Scott (Bode) have signed on for the other lead roles in the series. Dabby Stanchfield has signed on to play their troubled mother Nina while Laysla De Oliveira has signed to portray the demon, Dodge.

Locke & Keyhas had a long, hard road to live-action. Originally, it was going to be a movie at Universal with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci leading the way. However, the option lapsed, and it went to Dimension Films, who earmarked it for a TV series.

Fox ordered the pilot, which was directed by Mark Romanek, but Fox ultimately passed on the series. It moved onto Hulu, but that streaming ultimately passed too. Now, the series will finally see the light of day at Netflix.

Locke & Key is coming to Netflix with Joe Hill as a writer and Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite executive producing the series. Filming will take place from February through June in Toronto.


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