Netflix's Canceled Marvel Shows Aren't Heading to Disney+


For fans harboring hope that the Marvel TV shows that Netflix canceled are heading over to the Disney+ streaming service, well, it seems those dreams may have been shattered. Reportedly, Disney+ wants nothing to do with the canceled properties: Daredevil, as well as Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Rolling Stone TV critic Alan Sepinwall revealed as much on his Twitter account, calling the disconnect between Marvel TV and the Marvel Cinematic Universe "sad/hilarious," and also the main reason why Disney+ wants to stay away from the Netflix-produced slew of shows.

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"The execs have already said they don't want these shows on the Disney service," he tweeted. "And even if they did, the nature of the contracts would make it virtually impossible. They're done."

"I should clarify," added Sepinwall. "The Marvel shows for Disney+ are being produced by Marvel movie execs, who do not like or get along with the Marvel TV execs who made Dardevil et al. Technically, they COULD make a Luke Cage show a few years down the line. They just don’t want to," he also tweeted.

He called the relationship between the Netflix pocket of the MCU and Disney "one-sided," and admitted that Disney could bring these characters back someday, but only in a creative direction similar to what transpired with Spider-Man with Sony. That saw Disney recasting the character with Tom Holland and telling a whole new story, which erased the stories of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men.

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Sepinwall's comments, as blunt as they are, seem to indicate Disney+ will instead place all focus on the MCU-related shows that Marvel Studios is engineering from scratch, such as Vision and the Scarlet Witch, the Loki solo series and the Falcon/Winter Soldier team-up. With this news emerging, it leaves fans wondering, if Disney+ doesn't want these shows, then where exactly can the likes of Daredevil live on, which Marvel TV has indicated will be the case.

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