Netflix Will Now Show You Marvel Movies When You Search 'Excelsior!'

If you're using Netflix today, the streaming service has an apt tribute in store for you with regards to the late, great Stan Lee.

Netflix tweeted out that by using "Excelsior!" in the service's search engine, you can actually shortcut your way to its catalog of Marvel movies, cartoons and, of course, the original television series' Netflix puts out for Marvel Studios.

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It's a very fitting tribute using Lee's famous catchphrase, which hastens your access to properties involving characters he co-created such as Thor, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Hulk and Daredevil, while also allowing users to see everything Marvel that's available to stream at present.

Of course, with characters he didn't create like Jessica Jones, Netflix is clearly of the view that the Marvel Universe is synonymous with Lee's universe, whether he had a hand in creating the other characters or not. And rightfully so, because as we all know, without Lee, all these movies and TV shows may not have even seen the light of day, if not for his contribution when it came to pushing comic books into the Hollywood mainstream.

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