Netflix Launching Weekly Top 10 List to Help Subscribers Find Popular Shows

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The streaming giant Netflix wants to make it easier for subscribers to find out what other viewers are streaming. As such, you may soon be able to check on a weekly list of Netflix's top 10 shows in your region, spanning various programming categories, to help make up your mind about what to watch next.

According to Deadline, Netflix will be testing the top 10 list feature by launching it in the United Kingdom in the second quarter of the year. It will then decide whether the experiment will be expanded to other markets.

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The fandom aspect of watching series' seems to have played a part in this test -- one of many Netflix periodically tries in its efforts to continue to improve the service. “There’s a bunch of our members that really enjoy watching the most popular shows because they enjoy watching the show and then engaging in the public conversation around the show and all of the memes that are shared," Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said.

"We want to do a good job to let our members know what those most popular shows are and then can participate," he added. "We’re quite bullish on that and we’ll see how it does."

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Of course, if subscribers don't care who else is watching, they're free to ignore the top 10. Netflix's Chief Content OfficerTed Sarandos noted, “Popularity is a data point that people can use to choose, it’s not the most important one or the only one. We don’t want to suppress it if it’s helpful to our members.”


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