How Netflix's The Rain Sets Up Season 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Netflix's The Rain, streaming now on Netflix.

In its first season, Netflix's The Rain focused on a virus carried by rainfall wiping out Scandinavia, turning its inhabitants into zombie-like creatures. However, as the epidemic spread, one teen, Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen), became targeted by the Danish government's science agency, Apollon, as he was found to be immune to it.

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Season 2 picks up with the virus infecting Rasmus and manifesting like a symbiote in him. Despite being a carrier, he tries to control it; with his dead dad, Frederik (Lars Simonsen), sending him to a facility in Rokslide where scientists are trying to produce a cure. However, in the finale, the status quo of the series shifts drastically as Apollon gets its hands on Rasmus, smartly setting up a third season with the revelation the virus was engineered to be more than a population control tool by the government.

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As Season 2 concludes, Rasmus' sister, Simone (Alba August), and a scientist called Fie (Natalie Madueño) find what they think is a cure in Rokslide. However, Rasmus rashly injects it into his bloodstream as he's fed up of the symbiote getting out of control and killing innocents. In the fracas, the virus reacts and kills one of the group's friends, Lea (Jessica Dinnage), only to seemingly die when the cure kicks in.

Thinking Rasmus has been cured, the group tries to depart, only for Apollon's soldiers to raid, killing Rasmus' love interest, Sarah (Clara Rosager). The boy loses it, finally becoming one with the virus and using it to slaughter all the soldiers. Embracing it, the corrupted Rasmus turns on his own crew, trying to kill Simone's boyfriend, Martin (Mikkel Følsgaard), only for his sister to shoot him in the heart, realizing he's become a monster.

Rasmus' body heals by spitting the bullet back out and, feeling alone, he abandons the group and goes to Apollon's head, Sten (Johannes Bah Kuhnke). He tells Sten he's ready for whatever experiments they have for him as he wants desperately to be cured, but Sten confirms there really is no way to cure it.

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Their real plan was always to find a way to merge the virus with humans in a controllable fashion to create super-soldiers like Rasmus. This sets up next season to deal with them trying to weaponize Rasmus fully. We already encountered Apollon labs with symbiote-infused soldiers who didn't survive the bonding, but with Rasmus in possession, Apollon may finally have the key to its army. This means Simone and Co. would have to go on the offensive and take down Apollon for good -- which is no easy feat as Rasmus makes it clear he has nothing but hatred towards them.


Sarah suffered from the same weakened immune system Rasmus had, which allowed the virus to mutate him as a kid. She, however, was kept isolated, and after their failed escape at Rokslide, kissed Rasmus with her dying breath. But then, as the group readies to bury the dead girl the final shot of the season sees her coming back to life Jon Snow-style. It appears Rasmus has transferred a non-lethal version of the virus to her, making her impervious to death like him, indicated by her blackened eyes.

This offers Simone and Fie the chance to study Sarah's bloodwork and possibly find a means of controlling the symbiote just like Apollon plans to do. This could even turn them into potential weapons for whatever Rasmus and Apollon have planned. With Sarah's genetics so similar to Rasmus, she's certainly poised to be his equal physically, but more importantly, given their emotional connection, she'll undoubtedly be trying to bring back her love from the dark side.

There's also the chance Sarah might provide a cure for mankind in Rasmus' absence, which would result in Apollon hunting her too. With Simone's team finding a "Fallout Gun" (a unique EMP blaster) that they're trying to retrofit to remove the trackers the government placed in all citizens in this "Quarantined Zone," Apollon has even more reason to come after the crew.

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Apollon agent, Kira (Evin Ahmad), is also revealed to be a double agent working with Fie's cell in the latter stages of the season, so Simone does have an ally on the inside. Although, given how advanced and bloodthirsty Rasmus' symbiote is, Apollon does appear to have the upper hand in the battle to come.

Created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen, and Christian Potalivo, Netflix's The Rain stars Alba August, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen, Lars Simonsen, Sonny Lindberg, Jessica Dinnage, Lukas Løkken, and Johannes Kuhnke. Season 2 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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