EXCLUSIVE: Netflix's The Magic Order Trailer Tease Casts an Ominous Spell

Netflix has unveiled a teaser trailer for The Magic Order, the service's first comic series under the Millarworld imprint, from writer Mark Millar and artist Olivier Coipel.

The 20-second teaser shows a group of individuals standing at a gravesite for a funeral, as a gentleman takes his magic wand, snaps it in two pieces and tosses it into the open grave. The video ends with a reminder that The Magic Order arrives in stores June 13.

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The Magic Order is tracking to be Millarworld’s biggest debut to date, with pre-order numbers for the series surpassing all expectations. “Our numbers for this have exceeded even Jupiter’s Legacy, which came in just under 140,000 with a couple printings back in 2012,” Millar revealed in an interview with CBR. “We’ve exceeded that already and FOC isn’t even until Monday so it’s BY FAR the best numbers ever on a Millarworld book. Netflix has a Hell of a launch here and 99.9% of that is down to Olivier, who’s just a superstar. I love him.”

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The Magic Order #1, from Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel, goes on sale June 13.

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