Netflix Teams With 'Attack on Titan' Studio For New Anime Series

Netflix has acquired an original anime series from Production I.G., the Japanese studio behind "Ghost in the Shell," "Attack on Titan" and the animated sequence in "Kill Bill: Vol. 1."

Called "Perfect Bones," the 12-episode series is set in a future where scientists have attempted to create the "perfect human" in hopes of keeping peace in the universe. After nearly achieving their goal through several children, the scientists send their "new humans' for further training, only for them to be kidnapped by an evil organization determined to use their powers to implement their own vision for a new world order.

The series is directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, an anime veteran whose credits include "Samurai Champloo," "Blood+" and "Steamboy."

"Perfect Bones" will be the first original anime to debut all episodes simultaneously in 190 countries worldwide.

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