Netflix's Slasher: Solstice Just Gave Us TV's Most Brutal Kills

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Slasher: Solstice, streaming now on Netflix.

Netflix's Slasher series has quickly turned into the streaming service's answer to the Scream franchise. With the first two seasons, The Executioner and Guilty Party, focusing on entirely different stories, the third chapter in the bloody anthology is titled, Solstice, revolving around the Druid as the new killer on the block.

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Rocking a very intimidating mask and a vast array of weapons, the Druid goes on to wage a massacre over 24 hours in an apartment complex in Chicago. These victims turn out to be associated with a tragedy in the Druid's past, and what ensues isn't just a mission of revenge, it's a gory showcase of TV's most brutal kills.

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In the first episode, "6am to 9am," Frank Dixon (Paulino Nunes) becomes the Druid's first victim after leaving his home. Frank's one of the more abusive members of the complex, not to mention his car dealership is a front for criminal activity. No surprise, then, when he meets his comeuppance at the hands of the Druid.

While he's on the phone, the Druid takes an axe to Frank's shoulder from the back and then faces him, planting it directly into his skull. In broad daylight, the killer begins hacking away at Frank, decapitating his head and then placing it on the Mercedes Benz icon on his bonnet. It's the Druid's way of turning the car's brand into one of bloody murder, setting the tone for the rest of the season.


Slasher Solstice Amy

The fourth episode, "3pm to 6pm," finds Amy (Rosie Simon) in her room, trying to commit suicide. She's depressed as her boyfriend, Xander, was mutilated by the Druid, however, the killer infiltrates her apartment after having a copy of the superintendent's keys. He overpowers the game tester and then provides an ending fit for the Mortal Kombat franchise.

The Druid takes a power drill straight through Amy's forehead in a scene that doesn't have as much blood, but it's still super graphic as her brain fluid slowly seeps out. The Druid then leaves her in her bathtub, where no one would find her, as she was an introvert who didn't really get along with the community.


In the seventh episode, "Midnight to 3am," Detective Pujit Singh (Ishan Davé) investigates Amy's apartment as no-one's heard from her, and he was trying to get an interview with her over Xander's murder. With no real lead, he's ambushed and pulled in by the Druid as he knocks on her door.

The Druid's there in hiding as he was about to dispose of the body, and so, the slasher beats Singh up, flips on Xander's blender and throws fans another epic fatality by shoving Singh's face down into the appliance. The device's blades skewer his face, leaving him unrecognizable and in an enormous pool of blood.


Slasher Solstice Xander

The second episode, "9am to 12pm," details Xander's (Jim Watson) death at his cafe. The barista is preparing for the day when the Druid sneaks in and shoves a broken glass coffee bean dispenser into his throat.

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He then pours hot boiling water into his mouth, with the finishing touch coming courtesy of Xander's brewing equipment. The Druid hooks the tubes up to Xander and pumps the hot water from his dead body into the coffee dispensers, which a homeless man sneaks in and drinks from, only to realize the gruesome scene which played off a bit earlier. This brew of blood is what made Singh and his colleagues realize the complex was being targeted.


Slasher Solstice

In episode three, "12pm to 3pm," Ms. Greenberg (Erin Karpluk), a teacher at the nearby high school, is abducted by the killer after signs point to some of the students being potential suspects. Greenberg was drawing the ire of these aggressive students as she campaigned for non-violence, and it all comes to a head in her biology class.

With everyone on lunch, the killer uses forensic equipment to crack open her chest cavity as if she were a frog. He dissects her then and there, turning her inside out with her guts on display. The woman dies on the spot and sadly, her students would come rushing in for class, only to see the sadistic monument the Druid left.


Cassidy (Genevieve DeGraves) was one of the students Ms. Greenberg despised because she was a racist, as well as a junkie. However, the Druid quickly brings resolution to the young girl's story after she commits a blatant hate crime towards one of the Muslim students.

When Cassidy's ducks class to hide in the bathroom, sending naughty selfies to suitors, she's attacked by the Druid. The killer then places her face down in a toilet bowl full of bleach, dissolving her skin away as it flushes. To make it worse, the Druid hides her body in the roof of the bathroom, leaving everyone thinking she ran away when all along she was up there, decaying.


It turns out the Druid's actually two killers: siblings Jen (Mercedes Morris) and Conor (Gabriel Darku). Their murder spree began after the building taunted their mom a year ago over her online comments that chastised a young junkie the first Druid killed. That was an unrelated crime of passion from a bitter lover who dressed up as a Druid, but once their mom committed suicide, the siblings decided to don the Druid masks to make the complex pay and trick everyone into thinking they were the original Druid.

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However, Conor (the building's superintendent) messes up in the eighth and final episode, "3am to 6am," by keeping the homophobic Dan (Dean McDermott) and gay Angel (Salvatore Antonio) together in the basement. He glued them together thinking they'd rip each other apart and die, but they survive, and as Conor disposes of the rest of bodies in the building's furnace, they attack him. It ends with them pushing the top half of the teen in the flames, roasting him alive. Angel dies from his fatal wounds. But it's all in the name of justice as Dan lives to tell the tale.

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