Netflix Passes on <i>Terra Nova</i>

Early this month, news broke that Fox wouldn't be renewing the big-budget sci-fi drama Terra Nova back to its line-up, but that didn't mean the series was dead as a dinosaur. As soon as the series was canceled, 20th Century Fox TV began shopping it around to other outlets, with Netflix quickly emerging as a frontrunner. However, according to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, those plans are extinct.

The only reason we've been given is that the two parties couldn't agree on terms. Terra Nova didn't bring in strong ratings in the United States, but had good showings overseas. It's also produced by Steven Spielberg, whose name carries quite a bit of cache. On the other hand, all the special effects and elaborate sets make it a fairly costly show. With Netflix no longer poking around, the options seem limited. Still, Fox TV is holding out hope and has yet to release the actors from the contracts at this point.

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