Netflix Orders 12 New Episodes of 'Black Mirror'

Fans of "Black Mirror" now officially have reason to celebrate. Netflix confirms it has ordered 12 new episodes of the celebrated U.K. sci-fi anthology series.

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, who executive produced the first two seasons, will oversee the new episodes. Production will begin later this year in the United Kingdom, with series creator Brooker writing.

Debuting in December 2011 on Britain's Channel 4, the dystopian drama has been described as “a contemporary British reworking of ‘The Twilight Zone’” and a twisted parable for the Twitter age that looks at how technology has transformed virtually every aspect of our lives. Each stand-alone episode explores a different aspect of contemporary techno-paranoia.

"It's all very exciting -- a whole new bunch of 'Black Mirror' episodes on the most fitting platform imaginable," Brooker said in a statement. "Netflix connects us with a global audience so that we can create bigger, stranger, more international and diverse stories than before, whilst maintaining that 'Black Mirror' feel. I just hope none of these new story ideas come true."

The timing of the announcement is bizarrely perfect, as "Black Mirror" has been thrust into the spotlight following the recent allegation that Prime Minister David Cameron "inserted a private part of his anatomy” into the mouth of a dead pig as part of an initiation ceremony while attending Oxford. The "Black Mirror" episode "National Anthem" depicted a fictional prime minister who was forced to have sex with a pig on television to secure the release of a kidnapped princess.

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