Netflix Pulls Episode of Kid's Cartoon With Penis Drawing

Netflix removed an episode of the children's cartoon Maya the Bee after parents voiced outrage about what appears to be a drawing of a penis in the background of one scene.

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It all began when a mother expressed her disgust on Facebook after spotting the image while watching the show's 35th episode with her child. In her video post, relayed by the U.K. newspaper the Mirror, the mother explains there's "no reason" her child should be exposed to such imagery

Netflix hasn't commented about the complaint, but has since removed the episode.

Of course, this isn't the first time something like this has happened with a children's property, although it appears to be a first for a Netflix Original, Disney's animated films are well known for having "inappropriate" imagery hidden throughout them. Whether they remove the image from the episode and re-release it remains to be seen.

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Netflix's Maya the Bee is based on The Adventures of Maya the Bee, a famous German kid's book that has also produced a comic book series, as well as a 1924 film and 1975 anime. To date there are 39 episodes of the season available on Netflix.

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