Netflix's Marianne Delivers a Sick, Twisted Finale

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Marianne, streaming now on Netflix.

Netflix's French horror series, Marianne, focuses on a writer, Emma (Victoire Du Bois), as she literally tries to exorcise demons from her teenage years in the small town of Elden, France. The eight episodes find her fighting the spirit of a witch named Marianne, who she's been writing about for decades in the "Lizzie Larck" series not realizing this has given the malevolent entity the power to enter and kill in the real world.

Sadly, there's a saying that Marianne "never leaves empty-handed," and as Emma tries to save her loved ones from becoming victims, certain truths come to light about why Marianne selects certain folks. We eventually discover Emma found Marianne's grave as a kid, thus beginning their lifelong connection. That culminates in the witch finally possessing her in the lead up to the season finale called "Tuesday." However, rather than your typical ritual, Emma engages in a brutal war that ends up costing her big time.

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There's a three-pronged attack that takes place after Emma's possessed. The town's priest, Xavier, arrives to find Marianne in control of Emma's body, only to be shot and left for dead. Emma's best friend, Aurore (Tiphaine Daviot), also arrives on the scene but flees after she places a trinket from their childhood on Emma's neck that allows the writer to regain her humanity just enough to let her to warn Aurore to run.

Yet as Emma and Marianne duke it out on the astral plane, Aurore returns as she doesn't believe in abandoning those in their time of need. Luckily, Emma maintains a grip on her sanity, catalyzed by Xavier finding the witch's grave and beginning the ritual to burn the remains so Marianne will be destroyed for good. Meanwhile, in the real world Emma is preparing to shoot herself.

Xavier literally battles monsters as he falls into Marianne's grave, but eventually manages to light her corpse on fire, finishing the ceremony a Catholic priest failed to complete in the 1500s. Marianne's body is incinerated. At the same time, Emma smashes her to pieces on the astral plane using an exorcist's bat from her novels on the witch. Lastly, Aurore intervenes at the last moment, saving Emma's corporeal form from suicide. The day is saved, and now, Emma's finally free from Marianne's grip -- or so she thinks.

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In the final act, after patching things up with her dad, Emma visits another of her closest friends, an ex named Séby (Ralph Amoussou).  Séby has gotten his baby back after Marianne kidnapped it. After everything that happened, Emma tells Séby she's leaving town but is grateful for the one night of sex they had when things got bad with the hauntings. Séby responds angrily and insists he wouldn't cheat on his wife.

A confused Emma, who also picked up Camille (Lucie Boujenah), her agent and another victim of Marianne's violence, then realizes she's been left with something. Earlier, Camille was in the hospital and possessed by Marianne too. She even saw the witch murder Emma's mom and attempt to do the same to her dad. Thus, Camille has a special connection to Marianne. And she senses that Emma's pregnant. The writer can't believe it because Séby claims he and Emma didn't hook up. But when she takes a test, Emma discovers she is indeed pregnant. This leaves the author in tears and Camille worried about what's to come.

It could be that Marianne possessed Séby and slept with Emma, which would mean the witch could live on in the baby Emma's carrying. Or perhaps, seeing as the one-night stand isn't an illusion, it could have been the Devil itself that possessed Séby. Theorists think this could be the Devil's way of making a pact via a tricky act of lust, and that Marianne sent it after her nemesis as the ultimate back-up plan. Either way, Camille and Emma both realize the child isn't fully human and ponder their next steps as Season 1 ends.

Season 1 of Netflix's Marianne is now streaming. It stars Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah, Tiphaine Daviot and Ralph Amoussou.

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