Netflix Officially Joins the Motion Picture Association of America

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As of today, Netflix is officially a member of The Motion Picture Association of America.

In a statement released to Deadline, the MPAA formally announced that Netflix was now a member of the Washington, DC-based organization. The move comes after the streaming service earned an impressive 15 Academy Award nominations this morning, with 10 of those nominations belonging to the critically acclaimed Roma.

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"On behalf of the MPAA and its member companies, I am delighted to welcome Netflix as a partner," MPAA Chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin announced earlier today. "All of our members are committed to pushing the film and television industry forward, in both how we tell stories and how we reach audiences. Adding Netflix will allow us to even more effectively advocate for the global community of creative storytellers, and I look forward to seeing what we can all achieve together."

With the news that the streaming giant has joined the MPAA, it now joins the likes of Disney, Paramount, Sony, Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros. The purpose of the MPAA is to advance the business of art and storytelling and to protect its members' content across all screens, while also defending the creative and artistic freedoms of storytellers. It also supports innovative distribution models that bring an ever-expanding array of viewing choices to audiences worldwide.

"Joining the Motion Picture Association further exemplifies our commitment to ensuring the vibrancy of these creative industries and the many talented people who work in them all over the world," Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos added. "We look forward to supporting the association team and their important efforts."

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Reports of Netflix joining the MPAA surfaced early this morning courtesy of Politico, with the website stating that both Netflix and Amazon had advocated for anti-piracy measures alongside MPAA members and a coalition of other content creators through the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment over the past two years. With this deal, Netflix is now the first tech company to join the Hollywood trade group.

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