Netflix's Hold The Dark: 4 Burning Questions The Movie Never Answered

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Jeremy Saulnier’s Hold the Dark, streaming now on Netflix.

Netflix's Hold The Dark certainly lived up to its billing as a mystery story. Director Jeremy Saulnier touched on quite a few cinematic styles, shaping the narrative as part action and part suspense/horror. However, fans were mostly preoccupied trying to solve riddles and puzzles about the movie's core characters and premise.

Sure, Saulnier focused on the case of a young boy, Bailey Sloane (Beckham Crawford) going missing, but by the end of the film, we were left with quite a few other unanswered questions about the Alaskan town of Keelut and its eccentric townsfolk.

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4. What Happened To The Other Missing Kids?

Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright) was summoned by Bailey's mother, Medora (Riley Keough), to find her son's body after she said wolves abducted him. The wolf expert came immediately, as this was the third such abduction in the last few years, but when we found out a maddened Medora was the one who killed her kid, it left us confused. It turns out she wanted to stop some sort of darkness in him, so she strangled him.

But what about the other two kids? Russell was left wondering if Medora was actually a serial killer who murdered them, but he was stuck as she had no motive. Julian Black Antelope's Cheeon, whose kid was abducted years prior, didn't seem to think so, as he went on a shooting spree, blaming the town's cops for his loss. It was never confirmed who really took the children, nor were bodies found, but Russell didn't think the animals were ever involved, leaving audiences guessing as to their final fate.

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