Netflix's Green Eggs and Ham Cast Deliver a Dramatic Reading of the Book

Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? Netflix certainly hopes that you do, as it released a new trailer, release date and poem for its upcoming animated adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss book.

In the trailer, Keegan-Michael Key, Adam Devine, Michael Douglas, Ilana Glazer and Eddie Izzard read excerpts from the 1960 children's book. In just over a minute, they read the majority of the book, though skim over some of its more repetitive portions.

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While the source material can be read through in one short video, Netflix's version of Green Eggs and Ham is touted as a thirteen-episode whirlwind journey through the imagination of the legendary Dr. Seuss. They tried to capture Seuss' rhyming, light-hearted tone by releasing the following poem announcing the series, via Vital Thrills:

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We have some new news to share, we can hardly wait:Green Eggs and Ham is fully cooked and has a launch date!November 8th is the day to finally get your fix,Of this fantastical series – only on Netflix.The world of Dr. Seuss is a whimsical delight,Sam, Guy and the Chickeraffe now taking the spotlight.With voices including Adam, Michael, Keegan and Diane,A series for the whole family, you’re sure to be a fan!With cinema-quality hand-drawn 2D animation,It has humor, adventure and a great sophistication.We’re one month away and have much more in store,The fun is just beginning, soon you’ll hear more!

The series will follow Sam I Am (voiced by Adam Devine), who is on the run after rescuing a rare Chickeraffe from the Glurfsburg Zoo. Sam is trying to return the Chickeraffe to its island home. He soon bumps into failed inventor Guy Am I (voiced by Michael Douglas), Michelee (voiced by Diane Keaton) and her daughter E.B. (voiced by Ilana Glazer). The fumbling foursome then embark on their journey to save the Chickeraffe, pursued by, among other things, a bounty hunter goat.

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While the series may share little more with the book than a title and the name of one character, Netflix's Green Eggs and Ham does boast a stellar voice cast, and if the imagination shown in the press releases thus far indicate the levels of creativity in the show itself, it might just be a treat for audiences young and old, regardless of their opinion on off-color breakfast food.

Created by Jared Stern, Green Eggs and Ham stars Adam Devine, Michael Douglas, Keegan-Michael Key, Ilina Glazer, Eddie Izzard, John Turturro, Daveed Diggs, Jillian Bell, Jeffrey Wright, and Tracy Morgan. The producer is Helen Kalafatic, with Ellen DeGeneres, Stern, Sam Register, Mike Karz, David Dobkin and Jeff Kleeman executive producing.

Green Eggs and Ham releases on Netflix on Nov. 8.

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