Netflix's Epic Tales of Captain Underpants Unleashes Season 3 Trailer

Get ready for some summer camp fun on Netflix, as the Epic Tales of Captain Underpants will be unleashing its awesomeness with its third season.

The series, based on the popular book series of the same name, takes place after the 2017 film, Captain Underpants: The First Movie, and continues the adventures of George, Harold and their principal, Mr. Krupp (a.k.a. Captain Underpants). After saving the world from the evil Melvin-Borg, George and Harold are finally able to relax and go to Lake Summer Camp.

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However, there's just one little problem... They've been put into separate camps by their mean camp director, Mr. Krupp (Nat Faxon). Will the two boys have to survive an entire summer without each other? Judging by the trailer, all they'll have to do is snap their fingers and turn Mr. Krupp into his superhero alter ego, Captain Underpants, to get their way. However, the duo will also have to deal with the outer-worldly, such as a fire-breathing serpent, an alternate world where your dreams will become a reality and using pinecones as toilet paper.

Season 3 of Netflix's Epic Tales of Captain Underpants arrives July 19.

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