Netflix & Disney Reportedly Clashed Over Marvel Show Season Lengths

Reports suggest that there was friction between Netflix and Disney over the season lengths of their collaborative Marvel television series.

Audiences were shocked by the recent wave of cancellations announced for the Marvel/Netflix series, which saw the end of Luke Cage and Iron Fist after two seasons. Daredevil was also canceled, even following a critically acclaimed third season. While the third season of Jessica Jones and the second season of The Punisher are both still slated to be made available sometime in 2019, it’s likely that neither of them will be renewed.

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Matthew Ball, the former head of strategy for Amazon Studios, shared his thoughts and perspective on the cancellations on Twitter, citing the overall diminishing quality of the shows as part of the reason they were likely not renewed, as well as Netflix not needed the Marvel brand as much as they used to.

Of particular note is an alleged disagreement that broke out between Disney and Netflix over the episode count for each of the series. Netflix reportedly wanted to trim the episode count to lower budget costs, which would have made the seasons been between six and eight episodes. Disney fought them on this, eventually winning out and giving many of the shows 13 episodes instead.

The bloated episode counts on the Marvel shows were among the most prolific problems with the series, so it seems Netflix won’t be too broken up about the end of the series.