Netflix's Daybreak Can't Escape Its Huge Morrissey Problem

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Daybreak, streaming now on Netflix.

In the episode, "Canta Tu Vida," Daybreak revealed more about Ms. Crumble (Krysta Rodriguez), showing her as an aspiring singer going nowhere fast in Glendale, California, as she's reduced to karaoke shows. However, as the episode title implies, she remained motivated as a Morrissey fan throughout her life -- something which helped her hold on to her humanity in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse. But as the show proceeds to use it as the catalyst for her not to mutate into a ghoulie and also for Crumble to liberate herself from oppression mentally and accept she's still a person, Daybreak runs into a huge problem because Morrissey, at present, really holds some xenophobic and discriminatory views that are counterintuitive to the show's principles.

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Recently, Morrissey has been vocally supporting the far-right, anti-Islam party "For Britain," even suggesting controversial political figure Nigel Farage "would make a good Prime Minister." Morrissey hasn't rubbed fans of equality the right way at all by further adding, "I see [For Britain leader] Anne Marie Waters as this person. She is extremely intelligent, ferociously dedicated to this country, she is very engaging, and also very funny at times," -- incensing people who don't endorse Waters' sentiments decrying Muslims on a constant basis.

In fact, a far-right protester at a recent Morrissey show was ejected from the crowd, so it's safe to say he isn't a proponent for free speech anymore, even ones that don't interrupt his show. It's gotten so bad some of his other US tour shows with alt-rock band Interpol aren't selling well, so much so a Seattle date had to be cancelled. Nonetheless, the British singer, who rose to prominence fronting The Smiths, has remained optimistic things will pick up. Taking all this into account, it's hard to connect with Daybreak using his voice as that of a woman wanting to break free in a world, devoid of judgement and persecution.

Daybreak focuses on tribes and Crumble's crew, led by Josh (Colin Ford), is all about uniting women, the LGBT community and introverts to fight off the dictator and cannibal Baron Triumph. Morrissey's recent sentiments are far from that of togetherness, as he has faced criticism over previous comments about race, which include describing the Chinese as a "subspecies" and claiming "halal slaughter requires certification that can only be given by supporters of Isis." That's pretty ignorant, and Daybreak is seemingly unaware of the mistake it makes when young Angelica (who's seen as Crumble's daughter figure) breaks out into song when she's inducted into the Cheermazons.

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She wants the rejected Crumble to feel like part of the family, and by singing "Sing Your Life" -- one of Morrissey's most famous songs -- she connects to Crumble's soul and plays on her memories as an outsider in Los Angeles. Crumble remembers what it was like to struggle as a Latina, a descendent of migrants, and how her dream was shattered. This allows her to connect with Angelica as a mother, opting to stay and protect her. But, to tie this song in at this moment is pretty insensitive because Morrissey clearly doesn't care for a cosmopolitan and tolerant world anymore.

What makes it even harsher is the Cheermazons actually have a Muslim girl who complains about how she was made fun of for wearing her hijab, so to use this song here from someone who doesn't really come off as pro-Islam is also very tone deaf. The far-right continues to hate on these people and spread insularity, so for Morrissey to back them and then have his music being used as a beacon of hope and inspiration for a better Glendale is downright disrespectful. Daybreak may have gone for the inspirational musical joint a la Stranger Things with its own rendition of The Neverending Story theme song, but rather than come off profound, all it does is fail by using the message of someone who currently contradicts what the heartbeat of the series is: One Love in a time of darkness and chaos. Morrissey may have been that figure years ago when fans were emo and finding their place in the world, but he's no longer that and is actually endorsing politicians who want to profit off hate.

Streaming now on Netflix, Daybreak stars Matthew Broderick, Krysta Rodriguez, Colin Ford, Sophie Simnett and Austin Crute.

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