Netflix Cancels Mystery Science Theater 3000

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Mystery Science Theater 3000's time on Netflix has come to an end. Series creator Joel Hodgson informed subscribers of the MST3K mailing list that the fan-favorite series would not return to the streaming service for Season 13.

"As some of you might have guessed, we won't be making new seasons of the show for Netflix," Hodgson wrote in his email. "However, I want you to know that we've had a wonderful time working with the Netflix team, and will always be grateful to them. After all, they gave us the opportunity to spend the past few years aboard the Satellite of Love, and made it possible for new generations to discover the joys of riffing cheesy movies with your friends."

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Current Mystery Science Theater 3000 host Jonah Ray Rodrigues commented on the cancellation in a Twitter thread, referencing many of the recent TV shows to come to an end on Netflix: "We are off to Get Down in Lilyhammer while the OA helps us take it One Day At A Time. We will be in group therapy with Tuca & Bertie, Jessica Jones, & Lady Dynamite. The sessions will be run by Gypsy (w/ Naomi Watts.)"

Hodgson made sure to keep the fans' hopes alive, promising to keep working to deliver another season. "I couldn't be more grateful or proud to our incredible cast and our wonderful crew for bringing this incarnation of the show to life, and hope that we'll get the chance to continue collaborating on MST3K as we enter our next chapter," he wrote.

The 12th season of the long-running comedic movie commentary series Mystery Science Theater 3000 stars Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, Hampton Yount, Baron Vaughn, Rebecca Hanson, and Deana Rooney.

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