Netflix's CAM: That Gruesome Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Netflix's CAM, streaming now.

Netflix's CAM takes the concept of identity theft to a whole new level by following the trials of Alice (Madeline Brewer) as she tries to make money as a cam girl. It's her second life, basically, where she goes by the handle of Lola on a special network called "Free Girls."

However, as she climbs up the ranks, competing to make the top 10, which will bring huge monetary rewards with it, Alice finds that she's been locked out of her account, with another Lola assuming her identity. She's in disbelief because it isn't someone masquerading as her; it's an exact replica. As she investigates her doppelgänger, CAM's finale throws Alice on a ride that threatens to break her physically and emotionally.


Alice is at a loss when it comes to explaining how a literal carbon copy of her can exist, with her same room and tools. It's as if she has a twin, but what shocks Alice even more is Lola 2.0 is carrying out sex routines she'd never do, and actually cracking the top 10. She's quite a hit, which motivates Alice to turn into a detective. As the movie begins its final act, she figures out Lola's routine is the same as a few select cam girls.

Shockingly, they all have the same number one fan, Tinker (Patch Darragh), who's ironically been staking Alice after switching states to live near her. When she eventually confronts him, Tinker tells her it's some sort of supernatural artificial intelligence that copies girls on the rise, becomes them and then locks them out.

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He's been infatuated with so many accounts for so long that he eventually put together what was happening on his own, but being a pervert and finally getting to see the clones acting out all his fantasies, he just let it be. Alice gets violent with him, though, as she's literally losing her livelihood, forcing him to confess that the only way she can get her account back is to beat Lola.


And so, the film's conclusion starts with Alice creating a new account and challenging Lola to a dare-session. With the entire network now captivated by them, thinking it's twins, Alice engages in a bloody torture porn session after discovering Lola won't perform any act to hurt herself. Of course, she gets traction and ascends the rankings into the top 10, inching closer to Lola in the top spot.

Knowing she needs to go all out, Alice brutally slams her head into her desk, with fans sadistically tipping her more as she inflicts more self-harm. Lola tries to keep up the charade, but is secretly seething that Alice is almost past her. What makes this sweeter is Alice had earlier bet that if she passed Lola, the clone would have to give her the account password back. And so she does, leading to her getting her account back.

Alice is now atop the charts, but at a painful price. Lola, incapable of dealing with the loss, disintegrates into the digital abyss as Alice deletes the account to get rid of her, but in the process she's lost her top ranking.


One would assume Alice would leave this life behind knowing the entity is still lurking out there, stalking cam girls and probably seeking revenge on the only person to defeat her. But no, she decides to create another account after her mom (whom she finally confessed her line of work to) helps fix her face.

Alice assumes a new identity and is obsessed with rankings once again, as she believes she's learned from Lola, as well as from her own torture porn session, what the fans will pay big bucks for. Her mother warns her about repeating this, but Alice, being a narcissist and all, insists she knows how to beat Lola.

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If anything, once Lola comes back, she'll challenge her and delete the entity just like before. Alice says she'll then restart with a new account, as she already has backups in mind. Her mom disapproves, but clearly Alice cares only about the money she can make, and is willing to risk it all again, even with this digital demon out there.

Netflix's CAM, directed by Daniel Goldhaber and starring Madeline Brewer, Patch Darragh, Melora Walters, Devin Druid and Imani Hakim, is available to stream now.

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