Neon Genesis Evangelion's Netflix Release Date Announced


A few months ago, Netflix announced it had acquired the worldwide streaming rights to Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most critically-acclaimed and controversial anime ever created. At the time of the announcement, however, it was unknown when the anime would join Netflix's catalog. However, we now know when Neon Genesis Evangelion will hit the streaming service.

Netflix confirmed through Twitter that Evangelion will hit the streaming service on June 21.

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Created by Studio Gainax and Hideaki Anno (who most recently directed Shin Godzilla), Neon Genesis Evangelion is arguably the most controversial anime ever released. The series presents a post-apocalyptic world where half the world's population was eradicated in a mysterious event known as Second Impact. In the year 2015, a collection of monsters known as Angels emerge to seemingly finish Second Impact's job by eradicating the rest of mankind. But only one group -- NERV -- can stop them... with giant bio-organic robots known as Evangelions.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion was originally distributed in the West by anime dubbing company ADV. When ADV filed for bankruptcy, many of its properties were either sold off or redistributed. Evangelion was one of several anime seemingly lost in the shuffle.

Additionally, the End of Evangelion film, which was also acquired by Netflix, was originally distributed by Manga Entertainment. This DVD, however, went out of print even before ADV's bankruptcy. For fans living in the West, this is the first time Neon Genesis Evangelion will be release in its entirety.

Netflix's deal, however, leaves no mention of the Rebuild of Evangelion anime films, which are currently distributed in the West by Funimation.

Neon Genesis Evangelion will hit Netflix on June 21.

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