Nemesis: First Cover & Free Advertising

When it comes to his creator-owned comics, Mark Millar is happy to put the fate of the stories in the hands of his fans and the fate of the actual books into the hands of retailers. This week, the writer behind hit comic (and later film) projects "Wanted" and "Kick-Ass," turned over the names of the two lead characters for he and Steve McNiven's new creator-owned Icon series "Nemesis" to fans who could bid for the rights to name the comics lead hero and villain in a charity auction. And today, the writer revealed to CBR not only the cover to issue #1 of the book, but word that retailers who download, print and display a poster of the image provided below will get free ad space for their store in "Nemesis" #1.

"The idea is a unique opportunity to retailers where by downloading this poster and sticking it up in their comic-store they will be guaranteed get a free ad in issue one of the book," explained Millar. "Every single retailer who puts up this poster will have their name, address and website listed in what's already Marvel's biggest-ever pre-orders for a creator-owned title. All you have to do for proof is take a picture of the poster up in your store and post the pic on this Millarworld thread with your details."

Millar said that the success of a similar comic shop promotion for "Kick-Ass" #1 convinced him a repeat performance was in order. "This worked out insanely well on 'Kick-Ass' (where the first issue ended up doing 120,000 copies with all the subsequent printings) and we're already on track to beat this with 'Nemesis' with pre-orders already being higher than 'Kick-Ass.' Essentially, it's a win-win situation as retailers get a free ad and we get our wee book out there among the Marvel and DC titles on their walls."

And for those wondering exactly how the eBay auction Millar and Dynamic Forces put up this week netted for the effort to buy a bus for the handicapped children treated by his brother Dr. Bobby Millar, the writer said a cumulative $16,900 was raised. "On behalf of the facility, huge thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to the generous winners. One month into the new year they're halfway towards their target for a bus for the kids, and we could all not be happier about it."

As for what the names of the "Nemesis" cast will be? The hard-working cop who stands in the good guy camp will go by Blake Morrow. However, as of press time the identity of the winner of the auction to name the eponymous supervillain was unavailable.

Check back with CBR soon for more on "Nemesis!"

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