Neil Marshall Looking to Rock Slasher Movie <i>Hellfest</i>

Director Neil Marshall has made a name for himself as a genre-hopper. He drew attention with his "soldiers versus werewolves" flick Dog Soldiers, which was followed by the claustrophobic Descent -- another horror flick -- and then the post apocalyptic mash-up Doomsday before his latest historical drama Centurion.

According to Deadline, he might be returning to the world of horror with Hellfest for CBS Films. He's still in talks and nothing has been made official, but the film would feature a horror subgenre Marshall has yet to tackle: slashers.

The plot behind the film, which was written by William Penick and Chris Sey (Lifetime's Secrets in the Walls), features a killer on the loose in a big amusement park on Halloween night. Sounds like a fun idea that Marshall could easily should have no problem putting his cinematic spin on.

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