Neil Gaiman's 'Wayward Manor' game arrives July 15

Nearly a year after it was announced, the Neil Gaiman-inspired video game Wayward Manor at long last has a release date: July 15. That's just 15 days from now, for those keeping count.

Originally scheduled to debut last fall, the game experienced a bit of a delay. However, according to the official website, it was worth the wait: "Although it was a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, we did it with the knowledge that we were creating an even more immersive, enjoyable experience for amazing fans like yourself. Because, hey, you deserve the best, as your enthusiasm for Neil's first game has only been outdone by your patience. Now, it's time to reward your forbearance and open the doors for haunting."

A collaboration between Gaiman, The Odd Gentleman studio and publisher Moonshark, Wayward Manor is a puzzle/adventure game set in a 1920s pastoral estate that centers on a ghost whose hopes of a peaceful afterlife are interrupted by a family of intruders, the dysfunctional Budds. He in turn devises inventive ways to scare them, in the process learning more about them, and his own death and afterlife.

Wayward Manor will be available on Steam for PC and Mac, and on The Humble Store, where 10 percent of proceeds will go to charity.

(via i09.com)

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