Neil Gaiman's Legacy Lives As Marvel Preps "1602: Witch Hunter Angela" For "Secret Wars"

The latest Marvel Comics series connected to their expansive "Secret Wars" event makes the rare leap of connecting not just the worlds that exist across the Marvel U but the mind behind them as well.

Buzzfeed has word on "1602: Witch Hunter Angela" - a new series written by Marguerite Bennett and Kieron Gillen drawn by Stephanie Hans - which ties the "brought over form Image" hero created by Neil Gaiman to the "Elizabethan take on the Marvel Universe" mini series he wrote in 2003. The new book will unveil a different take on the Angela concept as the character hunting down a different take on mutants known as witchbreed.

"Angela's got those lofty and mythic proportions already; there's definitely this sense of grandeur in getting to see her and Sera both through this wandering, holy mission lens," Bennett told the site.

"I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman and the original run, but we really didn't want to just retread something that was already very beloved, we wanted to go out and explore the furthest corners of that universe. So you're going to see people who never appeared in the original series. We've got a 1602 Bucky Barnes, and we've got 1602 Guardians of the Galaxy, which has never been done before!"

As they're also writing the regular "Angela" series, Bennett and Gillen plan to expand on the relationship between Angela and Sera and add new dimensions to the women and the worlds of "Secret Wars."

Stay tuned for more on the book and the event on CBR News.

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