Neil Gaiman Marvel Spotlight Features Exclusive Tori Amos Interview

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Official Press Release

Neil Gaiman, the New York Times best-selling author currently garnering massive amounts of critical praise for his latest comics work The Eternals, is taking center stage in the newest issue of Marvel Spotlight. And it features an exclusive interview with world famous singer/songwriter Tori Amos who dishes to Marvel Spotlight about her long-standing friendship and admiration for the writer of Marvel 1602 and Sandman.

Tori Amos established a friendship with Neil Gaiman before her album Little Earthquakes made a seismic shock through the world of alternative music. Pick up the next issue of Marvel Spotlight to learn how Gaiman acted as a type of spiritual mentor and confidante to her, how they have referenced each other in their past works, and their hopes to collaborate in the future.

Plus, Marvel Spotlight features an in-depth interview with the man himself, Neil Gaiman, on his plans for The Eternals as well as his feelings on the creator of the Eternals, Jack Kirby. And there is a Guide to the Eternals that tells you everything you need to know, and then some, about the Kirby-created characters.

And that's only half the issue as it features long-standing X-artist Salvador Larroca in his first extensive interview in Spanish on his Marvel work that has been translated into English. Read how the artist of X-Men has enjoyed working on one of the greatest titles in comics as well as his future plans, including the upcoming Newuniversal with Warren Ellis.

Marvel Spotlight: Neil Gaiman/Salvador Larroca is 32 pages of jam-packed content with no ads. It is extensive interviews and a look behind the scenes of your favorite creators that you cannot afford to pass up.



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