Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham and More Join Marvel Comics #1000

Miraclemen creative team Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham will contribute to Marvel Comics #1000.

The announcement was made during the publisher's panel dedicated to the issue at Comic-Con International in San Diego 2019. In addition to Gaiman and Buckingham, the comic will now feature work by teams David Mandel and Butch Guice as well as Jason Reynolds and Patrick O'Keefe. A new variant cover by Greg Hildebrandt was also released, which you can see below.

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Gaiman and Buckingham's Miracleman series has experienced famously long delays due to various legal hurdles. There was no confirmation as to whether this announcement means the two's long-awaited next issue will finally hit stands. Individually, Gaiman is known for his work on the Sandman series as well as his novels and short stories, while Buckingham has worked on such projects as Fables.

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Marvel Comics #1000 will start from 1939 and work its way to the present day, with each page correlating to one year in Marvel's history. The story will include 80 stories from 80 different creative teams. Along with celebrity contributors are also names from Marvel's storied past -- George Perez, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kurt Busiek, Walter Simonson and more. An extra issue, Marvel Comics #1001, promises to reveal more secrets regarding the Eternity Mask and its mysterious owner, and will include another star-studded creative lineup.

Marvel Comics #1000 releases August 28.

(via Marvel.com)

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