Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories Anthology Heading to Comics This August

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Dark Horse Comics has announced a new graphic novel anthology from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham titled Likely Stories. The announcement follows on the heels of the reveal that DC Comics will launch a Sandman Universe line as part of its Vertigo imprint, based on the seminal series and overseen by Gaiman.

Buckingham is known for having collaborated with Gaiman on the critically acclaimed Miracleman. Aside from his work with Gaiman, Buckingham is known for Hellblazer, Batman: Shadow of the Bat and Doctor Strange. In this anthology, Buckingham will be adapting four prose stories by Gaiman: "Looking for the Girl," “Foreign Parts," "Closing Time" and "Feeders and Eaters," all of which were adapted for television by Sky TV in 2016 for an anthology series called Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories.

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Buckingham said in a statement that the project was "an irresistible challenge," and that the comic collection will also bring new material to the anthology.

"This will be quite a different experience to people’s previous encounters with these tales," Buckingham said. "I knew I wanted this to read as a cohesive whole, rather than a set of short stories, so I have woven them together, into a single narrative, linking them all to the Diogenes late-night drinking club that plays such an important role in the ‘Closing Time’ story."

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Likely Stories will be released Aug. 29 in comic book stores and Sept. 11 in bookstores.

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