Neil Gaiman Developing Fantasy Series For Fox

While development of the “Sandman” film may be progressing as if it were stuck in quicksand, Neil Gaiman is managing to stay very busy, with "American Gods" set to premiere next year on Starz, and now a new series in the works at Fox.

Deadline reports the acclaimed author has teamed with director Chris Leone and Albert Kim to bring “The Building” to television. It's based on Leone's digital film "Parallels," which debuted last year on Netflix. Funny enough, the film was originally conceived as a television pilot, but later turned into a full-fledged feature.

In the movie, some urban explorers find themselves in a large skyscraper that can move between realities. They soon realized they have a limited amount of time to figure out where they are and how to rescue themselves from dangers before reality switches again. The movie follows their attempts to make it back to their own Earth, and if that’s even possible given the nature of the building.

The TV series will reportedly explore the origin of the building and what happens on each floor of the skyscraper, while following the exploits of the explorers as they try to find home. Gaiman and Leone will serve as executive producers, with Kim attached as showrunner.

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