Neil Gaiman May Publicly Read Cheesecake Factory Menu — For Charity

Neil Gaiman has made a living writing novels and comics, publicly speaking about fantastical worlds and characters -- but if one comedian has her way, he's going to be exchanging American Gods for American carbs. Fellow writer Sara Benincasa brought forth this peculiar challenge to Gaiman on Twitter:

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The offer was so bizarre yet heartfelt, the novelist couldn't help but accept. Gaiman selected the United Nations Refugee Agency as his charity of choice, and if Benincasa can hit the $500k goal by World Refugee Day (June 20), he will indeed publicly read the Cheesecake Factory menu in all of its mystical glory.

Gaiman proclaimed that if the fundraiser can reach one million dollars, he would also do a reading of Dr. Seuss, and later floated the idea of recording the reading in audiobook format, so fans all over can give it a listen. That is, if the company provides a "healthy donation" to the cause, of course.

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If helping out a good cause and possibly getting to listen to Gaiman's dulcet tones unveil the dark depths of appetizers, entrees, and cheesecakes sounds like a worthy endeavor, head on over to Benincasa's crowdfunding page which can be found here. The charity so far has raised $61,000.

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