Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess' "Stardust" to be released in spactacular hardcover edition

Official Press Release

A classic Vertigo tale returns this January in the spectacular new hardcover edition of NEIL GAIMAN AND CHARLES VESS'S STARDUST. Available in hardcover for the first time since 1998, this oversized edition features both a new painted cover and brand-new art and sketch material

from Vess.

We're very pleased to be publishing this special deluxe hardcover edition of Neil and Charles' STARDUST, says Karen Berger, Senior VP -

Executive Editor, Vertigo. This beautiful new edition showcases the tale as it was originally conceived and created - as a magnificent story with outstanding art - integrated perfectly to bring to life a fantastic world and its memorable characters.

Soon to be a major motion picture, STARDUST is written by New York Times bestselling author Gaiman (THE SANDMAN) and illustrated by Vess. In a Victorian-era tale of magic and romance, young Tristran Thorn falls in love with the town beauty and must go on an incredible coming-of-age journey in order to capture her heart. Living in the small countryside town of Wall, Tristran vows to his beloved to retrieve a fallen star that they witnessed crashing down from the heavens. Now, to gain his love's hand, he must leave behind his home and embark on a journey that will define the meaning of true love. Told through breathtaking painted illustrations, this fairytale for adults is a true masterpiece in storytelling.

NEIL GAIMAN AND CHARLES VESS'S STARDUST HC will be advance solicited in the September Previews (Volume XVI #9) and is scheduled to arrive in stores on January 3 with a cover price of $39.99 U.S.

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