Neill Blomkamp to Direct New RoboCop Movie


Half man. Half machine. All cop.

Yes, this isn't a dream or a hoax. A new RoboCop sequel is coming, and it will be directed by Neill Blomkamp, who brought us original fares such as District 9, Elysium and Chappie.

The news comes courtesy of Deadline, who confirms that the writers behind the original film, Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner, will be serving as producer and executive producer, and the script that the two worked on for a RoboCop sequel a few years ago will be re-written by Justin Rhodes - who happens to have written the upcoming new Terminator film.

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A RoboCop reboot was released in 2013, but the Joel Kinnaman-starring film failed to be a commercial success. The hopes with Returns is to revive the franchise and make it worthwhile once again, especially given the current sociopolitical climate.

Blomkamp was previouly attached to write and direct a new Alien movie, but that project got ultimately scrapped. Instead, the director will now bring his unique talents to bring the derelict life of a futuristic, crime-ridden Detroit to life on the big screen once again.

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RoboCop Returns does not have a cast or a production start date, nor does it have an official release date yet.

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