Negan's "Walking Dead" Entrance Will Draw Inspiration from the Comics, Says Gimple

As a comic book adaptation, AMC's "The Walking Dead" hasn't always followed its source material to the letter. However, executive producer Scott Gimple promises that Negan's arrival on the show will be similar to the comics, at least from an emotional standpoint.

"Let me put it this way: Whatever [Negan's entrance] is, it's really just all in service to being faithful to the comic book inasmuch as one can. That's always going to be relatively subjective as to what that means," he told Entertainment Weekly. "But taking inspiration from the moments of the comic book and playing them out to the ends of what it can be, it's all just like taking that moment from the book and figuring out a way to turn it up to get those feelings that it gave you and those emotions that it gave you that much more."

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"Sometimes we have things from the book that people who read the comics maybe see coming a mile away, and we try to adjust that so that we can give them the same feeling they had when reading the book, which might have been shock or surprise or fear, any of those things," he continued. "It might be wildly different, but it's all to get the same sort of feelings that you got when you read them. So will it be different? Absolutely. Will it be the same thing? Absolutely."

"So much of the changes of what we do in the comic have to do with that. Sometimes things happen to completely different characters. It wasn't Lizzie who killed Mika. Carl was the one involved that story when it was Billy and Ben. But I think we still got that same sort of emotion and horror that we got from that moment in the book. So we want to tell the story of the book but from an emotional standpoint first, and that does often create the changes that we do," he concluded.

Based on the Image Comics series of the same name and created by Robert Kirkman, "The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 pm EST on AMC.

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