Negan's F-Bomb Count In Uncensored Blu-Ray Scene Is Pretty Impressive

"The Walking Dead" uber-villain, Negan, is probably known best for two things: a penchant for remorseless violence, and a seriously NSFW vocabulary. Fans got a hint of the former during last season's finale when Jeffrey Dean Morgan stepped in for the role, but television censors made it difficult to really explore the nuances of the latter. According to THR, the season six Blu-ray is thankfully said to include a lexicon more accurate to Robert Kirkman's comic book series. The extra, eleven minute alternate scene contains an impressive twenty-three variations on the "f-word."

"We had the f-bomb version and the television version," explained executive producer Greg Nicotero. "Even when I did my director's cut, I put the f-bomb into the director's cut for all the executive producers to see because it's so powerful," he said. "It's the momentum of using those words to accentuate and punctuate those moments. The scene in the Blu-ray is astounding."

According to THR's academic count, the breakdown of Negan's speech is as follows:

Fans of the comic series can breathe easy, as well. The scene is also said to include the iconic line: "I am gonna beat the holy f- f-ing f-ety f- out of one of you."

The linguistically-curious will be able to see the alternate take when the season six Blu-ray is released on Tuesday. Season seven of "The Walking Dead" is set to premiere October 23 on AMC.

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