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Negan Finally Debuts on “The Walking Dead,” Brings a Cliffhanger with Him

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Negan Finally Debuts on “The Walking Dead,” Brings a Cliffhanger with Him

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from “Last Day On Earth,” tonight’s season-six finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” follow. At publication, the episode has yet to air on the west coast. This article also includes spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the comics.

We all knew it was coming, and tonight it finally happened. Negan has arrived on “The Walking Dead.” And so has Lucille. Even better, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is every bit as frightening, charismatic and pragmatic in the role as any fan of the “Walking Dead” comics could hope.

But for anyone wondering who his first victim would be, in his infamous introduction scene inspired from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard‘s comics pages, you’re sadly out of luck. The spoilers that have been circling the web for a couple weeks now are true: A few minutes after Negan steps out of the RV (stolen from Eugene while everyone else was off getting Maggie to safety), the camera shifts to the point of view of his victim, thus keeping his or her identity hidden until next season.

It’s worth noting that several other interlude shots take place from the POV of the characters captured by the Saviors last week. So if the show’s playing by its own filmmaking rules, Negan’s target could be either Rosita, Michonne, Darryl, or — in an event pulled directly from the comics — Glenn. If the series wants to break its own rules, however, the writers also have Rick, Eugene, Aaron, Abraham, Sasha, Rick, Maggie and Carl to choose from. Carl seems unlikely, as Negan’s against violence towards children in the comics, plus he tells his soldiers to take the boy’s other eye out if anyone interferes, meaning it’s not him getting struck. It’s also safe to say that Negan needs Rick as the Alexandrians’ leader, and probably wouldn’t go after Abraham since he volunteers to sacrifice himself. Negan just wouldn’t give in to that kind of death wish.

In this writer’s opinion, the vagueness is just the latest troll move from the series (see Daryl getting non-lethally shot and Glenn’s faked death), despite the perfect casting of Morgan and a sixth season that’s been strong overall.
In a more positive — albeit somewhat minor plot development — Morgan and Carol encounter two armored horsemen that look an awful lot like they come from The Kingdom, which would make our prediction from last week correct. We’ll delve further into all of this in our full recap later tonight.

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