Needed: Scans of EC's International Comics/Crime Patrol 1-6

Help Roy Thomas out! See your name in print in the All Star Companion volume 4 from TwoMorrows!

Anyway, my friend Kurt Mitchell, who's one of the co-writers of the All-Star Companion series along with Roy the Boy posted this on the Classic Comics forum, and I wanted to pass his request along to a wider audience.

Kurt says:

Does anyone here own copies and/or reprints of this title? If so, would you be willing to scan the six issues (covers and stories, no ads) for Roy Thomas? We have an article on JSA-inspired series scheduled for All-Star Companion, Vol. 4 but the gent who was going to provide the scans has dropped from sight. If you can help, please contact Roy directly at roy_dann@ntinet.com.

Thanks, guys!

(Important note: I stuck an underscore (this _ thing) in the above e-mail address to make it harder for spam harvester programs to get. The actual e-mail starts roydann@)

And, heck, if anyone KNOWS of any copies in, say, the Iowa-Illinois area, I can probably scrounge up a scanner and come scan 'em myself.

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