Need to Get Away this Holiday? Visit the CBR Forums!

Got a little too much family time this weekend? Or do you have some free time on your hands and are looking for something to do? Then head on over to the CBR Forums and join in on the discussion!

In existence for over 10 years now, the CBR Forums aren't only one of the oldest, but are also one of the most active comic forums in existence. We regularly average over 5500+ posts daily on subjects that run the gamut from Marvel and DC comics, to TV/Film discussion, vs. battles and much more. And the great thing about it - it's all free!

If you're new to the CBR Forums, getting started is easy. First thing you'll need to do is register for a free account. Once you receive your confirmation e-mail and activate your account (you might want to add forums@comicbookresources.com to your e-mail white list), you can start posting to your hearts content!

If this is your first time coming to the forums, why not check out the Community forum where pretty much anything goes. That's where you'll likely find the most Holiday cheer (or jeers, in some cases!). Do you like what Image Comics has been offering lately? Well, then tell the world what you're reading from Image over in the Image Comics Forum. Are you digging DC's weekly series "52?" Stop on by the DC Universe Forum and share your love for the series with other fans. Or maybe it's Marvel's X-Books that really get you excited about comics. In that case, check out the very active X-Universe Forum here on CBR. We have dozens of forums covering a wide range of topics. We're sure there's something there for you.

Check out the CBR Forums today and join in on the discussion. It might be just what you need to get you through these hectic holidays!

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