15 Looney Tunes/DC Comics Crossovers We NEED To See Next


Given that both of these franchises sit under the Warner Bros. banner, it was recently announced that a series of comic book issues would explore crossovers between various Looney Tunes and DC Comics characters. Set to be released in the month of June, these comics will feature encounters between several characters from their respective universes. Leading the pack is a story written by Tom King and illustrated by Lee Weeks that will explore an encounter between Batman and hunter and longtime Bugs Bunny rival, Elmer Fudd.

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Other issues will explore meetings between Jonah Hex and Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lobo and the Road Runner, Martian Manhunter and Marvin the Martian and finally Wonder Woman and the Tasmanian Devil. While this all sounds incredibly exciting, we here at CBR also found ourselves asking why stop there? In answer, here is a list of 15 other Looney Tunes/DC Comics crossovers we would like to see in the comic book series next.



Daffy Duck is a bit of a wild card character. He can just as easily be friendly as angry, he's a greedy schemer and he could very well be seen as unhinged in some instances... Crazy, even. Maybe not as crazy as Harley Quinn, but then again, there aren't many who are. A team-up between these two characters would seem almost natural. These two would easily gravitate towards each other, and there's a good chance that Harley would think Daffy was just a new figment of her imagination.

After Daffy would convince her of his existence through a long an elaborate series of pranks and gags involving bombs and giant mallets, Harley would see Daffy's potential as a partner and friend and bring him along on her next string of robberies. It would be an adventure filled with hijinks, outlandish costumes, crazy schemes, explosions and car chases. And, on top of that, we could see a real friendship develop between two very unlikely characters.



It's not easy being an evil Martian from Mars in a universe of anthropomorphic farm animals. For that reason, Marvin has always been a bit of an odd man (or alien) out and often depicted as an outright villain. But contrary to most "Looney Tunes" villains that people are accustomed to, this one can actually be smart about things. Which is why, were he to find his way into the DC Universe, he could prove to be quite a match for a character like Cyborg.

The DCU is not short on evil villains hellbent on planet Earth's destruction and Marvin could easily find his way there to find a very different brand of character. In Marvin's quest for world domination, the Justice League's first responder could arrive in the form of Vic Stone, whose advanced technology could prove to be a surprising challenge to the alien. Marvin is of very few words, while Vic really isn't, so there would be an interesting dynamic at play here, one that could even infuriate Cyborg, who would have no choice but to use his Mother Box to take the fight back on Mars.



"Meep meep." Road Runner isn't exactly the world's greatest talker, but for what he lacks in vocabulary he more than makes up for in speed and survival instincts. As a longtime rival and desired snack for Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner has seen more than his fair share of deadly contraptions and elaborate traps that could have lead to his doom and somehow, he has always managed to come out unscathed. Are ACME supplies really that defective, or is the Road Runner secretly all powerful?

So  who else to better team-up with the Road Runner that the DCU's own Mister Miracle, the world's greatest escape artist? As a New God, Scott Free is a superhero who always has a trick up his sleeve whenever the situation seems hopeless. He's the one who finds a way out of everything. We are certain that, were the Road Runner and Mister Miracle to meet, some dastardly villains would try their best to capture them both. But together, they would find a way out. Together, they could be unstoppable.



While most people might be more familiar with the modern, Adrian Chase version of the DC Comics character Vigilante, there was another before him: Gregory Sanders. Gregory dreamed of becoming a musician but was forced into a life of guns and horse chases when his Sheriff father was killed by bandits. In the Old West, he became the Vigilante, a masked hero who protected the people and fought the land's criminals.

Speaking of criminals, Yosemite Sam is not the nicest cowboy out there. He's spent the better part of his existence trying to kill a lovable grey-and-white bunny. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's got a lot of firepower to make up for it. We could easily imagine Sam causing all sorts of gun trouble in a small town out in the desert, and it would be up to the Vigilante to show up and take the cowboy down a peg or two. One way or another, this story ends with Yosemite Sam screaming behind bars and Greg riding off into the sunset.



As a very big and very tall Virginian-accent speaking rooster, Foghorn Leghorn is always looking to amuse himself. More than often, poor Barnyard Dawg is on the receiving end of Foghorn's amusement. Mischievous in nature, the rooster will start a sort of prank war with his rival, one that he will eventually lose. Who else to help him in his war against the dog than the DCU's best prankster, the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Man Who Laughs... The Joker!

We have no doubt that a team-up between clown and rooster would be an entertaining read. In fact, this is a story that could very well rapidly turn dark and twisted once the Joker takes things way too far -- as the Joker always does. Poor Barnyard Dawg wouldn't come out of this alive, and there would be blood. A lot of it. Steep angles and dark colors would emerge as the Joker laughs hysterically. And Foghorn Leghorn would have a choice: to run away from the carnage... or to join in on the madness.



He might be a skunk, but he's also a womanizer, a helpless romantic and he just doesn't know how to take no for an answer. Pepe's story is one that is well-known by all: he is usually in pursuit of a female cat, one he mistakes for a skunk thanks to the stripe of white painted on her back. This cat is repulsed by the foul smelling skunk, but that won't stop Pepe from finding his true love. Could it be that another but very different feline character could fall into his eye?

With her occupation as a part-time cat burglar, we could easily see how Pepe could be a thorn in Selina Kyle's side. He would always arrive at the worst possible moment, activating security and sensor alarms by accident, or holding her back to try and kiss her whenever the police are closing in. This team-up would lead to a lot of comedy and we would love to see Catwoman be the one to reject Pepe constantly, only to have him come back even more dedicated and grandiose in his gestures to stir up even more trouble.



Stating the obvious, Tweety Bird is, after all, modeled after a yellow canary bird. If that was not enough to draw a quick comparison to the DCU's Black Canary, it's also important to note that, while he does have a long rivalry with Sylvester the cat, Tweety is a fighter. He sees the threat of extinction in his face, and he fights with everything at his disposal to survive. Similarly, Dinah Lance is one of the best fighters in the world, and she has a canary cry on top of that to deal extra damage.

A team-up between Tweety and Dinah could show these two characters fighting side-by-side. Tweety isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and neither is Dinah. Of course, Tweety's much smaller stature would be a factor, but that has never stopped him before. He has proven time and again that he is resourceful and cunning, and he could very well prove to be the one to turn the tide of this battle. Above all, the one thing we know without a doubt is that together, these birds would sing and they would sing loudly.



Henery Hawk might be small and very young, a chick more than an actual hawk, but he has never let that stop him from getting his prey. He may not know what a chicken looks like, but he'll do everything he can to catch one. Strong and eager to prove himself, he has shown that he can be quite the hunter, having caught Foghorn Leghorn on more than one occasion. Carter Hall, a.k.a. Hawkman, and Henery may already share the “Hawk” moniker in their names, but they also share a lot more than that.

Whichever origin he has, whether he is an alien from Thanagar or a reincarnated ancient prince of Egypt, Hawkman has always been a vicious and strong hunter. A fighter and a protector willing to go to any lengths to protect those he loves and the world he protects. Under Hawkman's wings, Henery could learn all about what it is to be not only a hunter and a hawk, but also a good person. Hawkman could teach him the value of life and the cost of taking it, and he could also finally show him what a chicken looks like.



The Tasmanian “Taz” Devil is an unstoppable force of swirling tornadoes and insatiable hunger. He doesn't really speak, save for bursts of grunts and roars, and he has little to no patience. Mainly, he is an agent of destruction. Were he to find his way into the DCU, Taz could be depicted as a monster consuming all that stands in his path, a monster on a rampage through cities, not unlike Doomsday. But with his power to swirl around in a tornado, the Justice League would only have one man to send on the job... or rather, an android.

Red Tornado was originally created by evil genius T.O. Morrow, but later found himself fighting on the side of good. With super-strength and the power to manipulate the winds, he would be a great opponent for the Devil. A fight between the two would prove catastrophic and destructive, with tornadoes swirling left and right in gushes of white and red. In a battle that could very well level a small town, Red Tornado would have to give everything he has to put a stop to this monster's hunger.



One is the fastest kid in the world, while the other is the fastest mouse in Mexico. Speedy Gonzales and Wally West are both kind souls, heroes that are there for those they care about. They are both eager and funny, and they both like to do things quickly. Together, they would fit together like peas in a pod, kindred spirits that can as easily share a laugh as they team-up together to help those in need with their super-speed powers.

It's easy to imagine that after saving the world, these two would then engage in a race to see who is the fastest between them, and we would absolutely love to see Speedy enter and visit the Speed Force to see exactly what his place inside it is. And finally, together, after having worked up quite an appetite after all that running, Speedy Gonzales and Wally West could recuperate their energy over a meal at Speedy's restaurant, Pizzarriba.



Bugs Bunny is the real hero of the "Looney Tunes" universe. He is a figure of good, one that all his friends converge around. He is a good and caring person, but he's also very smart and efficient. Not one to take things lying down, Bugs is also a fighter. To those around him, he is not only a friend... he's a figure of hope. As he would lay in the grass carefree, gnawing on a delicious carrot, a Blue Lantern ring of hope could find its way into Bugs Bunny's paw.

Who else in the DCU would come to investigate this turn of events than the Green Lantern of space sector 2814, Hal Jordan? Together, the two would team-up, green and blue, as they investigate a terrible incursion of Yellow Lanterns of fear and Red Lanterns of Rage across the "Looney Tunes" characters. Red Lanterns Yosemite Sam and Taz, Yellow Lanterns Foghorn Leghorn and Marvin the Martian, there would be a bevy of characters for Bugs and Hal to take down as they trade quips and tactics. But only the blue and hopeful Bugs Bunny could bring his friends back from the brink.



Sam Sheepdog is a working man (dog). He comes into work on the farm, punches his card in on the dot of the clock, and punches his card out. He's of few words and of little movement, but he's strong on his feet (rather, his paws) and quite burly. So when Ralph E. Wolf goes after his sheep, the ones Sam cares for and protects, Sam does his job. A blue-collar hero, Sam has no qualms with knocking out those who come after what is he's out to protect. It's his job, his responsibility.

When it comes to working on a farm, doing honest work and protecting those under his care, Clark Kent knows a thing or two about that. It just so happens that those under his care are more or less everyone on the planet. A team-up between Sam and Superman would be filled with bright colors, rising suns and green pastures. Together, they would work on their farm and protect those in need not only because it is their duty, but also because it is their privilege.



An oddball of a team-up, Sylvester and Batman could join forces in their dedication. As a cat always on the hunt for a Tweety Bird he can never catch, Sylvester knows a thing or two about dedication, and never giving up. In fact, he could learn a few tips from the man who dedicated his entire life to dressing up as a bat and striking fear into the hearts of criminals. Reciprocally, Sylvester could in turn inspire Batman to never give up, no matter how many times he loses, or no matter how many times his villains manage to escape. There would be inspiration to find for the both of them.

Besides, both Sylvester and Bruce have young sons under their care, Sylvester Junior and Damian Wayne, respectively. Both parents spend a great deal of time teaching their young ones about their methods, whether it be catching mouses or beating up criminals, and they both could teach each other a thing or two about parenting. And finally, there is another thing that Sylvester and Bruce have in common besides just their dedication and their sons: their caretakers...



Not only are both of the elderly kind, but also Alfred Pennyworth and Granny have been caretakers to some very brash and active subjects. Under her nose, Granny has bore witness to a never-ending rivalry between cat and bird, one that more than often leaves her house in shambles and one that she often must put to an end herself, one way or another. For his part, Alfred has seen his master Bruce return from his nights of crime-fighting bloodied and beaten and has patched him up more times than he could count.

Together, Granny and Alfred could share a cup of tea in a quiet living room, reminiscing about their lives and trading stories about the care that they must bring to their demanding subjects. But in true Granny/Alfred fashion, the quiet wouldn't last. It wouldn't be long before trouble finds them. Shards of glass and splinters of wood would fly left and right, and they would sit still as the destruction unfolds around them. Eyes narrowed, unfazed, they would keep sipping their tea as they share misery in their never-dull lives.



Wile E. Coyote has never had it easy. He only ever wanted one thing, and that was to have a delicious meal to eat. Sadly, he has set his sights on a prey who is simply too fast to catch. To help him in his endeavor, he started to use various concoctions and fancy traps designed by the very unreliable ACME Corporation to try and catch the Road Runner, but to no avail. Something in the equipment would always break or he would make a fatal mistake, Road Runner would run away, and Wile E. Coyote would always be left with an empty stomach.

If he were to have enough of ACME, Wile E. Coyote could visit another corporation to get his supplies: Lexcorp. There, he would tell his story to the company's owner Lex Luthor, and Lex would understand all too well the feeling of never being able to defeat a nemesis, one who is viewed as “the good guy” in the eyes of the public. Luthor would take Wile E. Coyote to the backroom of the company, his very own private workshop, and he would show him his most devious inventions yet... Inventions that would surely mean a caught Road Runner and a warm meal for Wile E. Coyote!

That's all folks! What other Looney Tunes/DC Comics crossover would you like to see? Let's us know in the comments!

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