Need For Speed No Limits Partners Up With Steve Aoki's Neon Future

Neon Future, the Impact Theory comic presented by Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Steve Aoki, has partnered with the popular Need for Speed video game franchise to bring an all-new Nissan 240ZG from Issue #6 of the series to the Need for Speed No Limits mobile game.

Readers and/or players who download the game, which launched on May 28, will also be eligible to win a variety of autographed Neon Future prize packs leading up to the release of Neon Future #6 this summer.

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Here are just some of the highlights of the game:

Immersive in-game event hosted by Aoki himself. He will appear as an in-game character, challenging players to complete a series of events to unlock his exclusive Neon Future car, while songs from his Neon Future III Remix soundtrack immerse the player in the adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

The “Neon Future” body kit was a collaboration between Steve Aoki, the Need For Speed No Limits development team and the creative team at Impact Theory the studio publishing his comic book. The Car is prominently featured in Issue #6 of Neon Future.

The body kit features a futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic design that takes the player from “zero to hero.” This is the first time in the Need For Speed franchise’s 25-year history where a celebrity has worked with a development team to design a car. The results are a body kit unlike any other in the Need For Speed universe and embody the visual traits of the Neon Future ideology.

In addition to this unprecedented collaboration, players who download and play Need For Speed No Limits during this update will be treated to exclusive behind the scenes videos detailing the game’s partnership with Aoki, one-of-a-kind wraps based on Aoki’s collaboration with the Bruce Lee Estate for his streetwear brand, Dim Mak Collection, and feature excerpts from “Neon Future” by Impact Theory.

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Need for Speed No Limits is available for download now from the App Store and Google Play. Neon Future #6 goes on sale August 7.

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