Need a hidden door to your secret lair? This company can help

That Hall of Doom-style super-yacht is great for a team of supervillains who don't mind waiting for it move beyond the concept stage. But what if you're a costumed vigilante looking for a way to disguise the passage from your manor to your secret subterranean lair? Well, that's where Creative Home Engineering comes in.

Business Insider briefly spotlights the brainchild of Steve Humble, who was working as a mechanical engineer designing surgical lasers when he came up with a novel idea to utilize unused rooms in a house he was renting. "I thought it would be fun to have a secret door like I had seen in the movies," Humble explains on his website, "but when I did a little research I was surprised to learn that there was no company anywhere that specialized in hidden passageways."

Identifying a niche, Humble quit his job and began creating motorized secret passages for clients out of his parents' garage. Today, Creative Home Engineering is "the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of motorized and high-security secret passageways around the world." Presumably, superheroes, supervillains, spies and mad scientists are their primary clients.

As you can see from the company's gallery, Creative Home Engineering can construct hidden doors in bookcases (we'll call that the "Bruce Wayne"), cabinets, dressers, fireplaces and mirrors. They'll even install trap doors. However, you'll have to provide your own crocodile pit. And crocodiles.

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