"Necromancer" #1 & "Freshmen" #2 Sell Out At Top Cow

Official Press Release

The hits just keep on coming from Top Cow Productions! Top Cow's Necromancer #1 and Freshmen #2 have sold out. News of these sellouts follows hot on the heels of the sellout announcement of Freshmen #1, making this a very hot summer indeed for Top Cow.

Necromancer, the tale of reluctant witch Abigail van Alstine, is written by SF novelist and crossover sensation Joshua Ortega (Frequencies) with art by Francis Manapul (Witchblade). "Thanks to all the readers for picking up the first issue," said Ortega. "Abby's story is an epic one, so readers should prepare for a wild and memorable ride!"

"This is a fun title and everyone on the creative team is having a blast," said Necromancer artist Francis Manapul. "I'm glad that the audience has been really receptive to our efforts, and I hope readers continue to pick up the book!"

The creative star power is also felt on Freshmen, co-created by actor Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Austin Powers) and writer Hugh Sterbakov, with pencils by Leonard Kirk (JSA). Sterbakov said the college –meets-superpowers tale "has been a blast to work on, and everyone involved – from production to marketing to retailers – has rallied to support the story and the characters in ways I couldn't even have imagined. I'm blown away at the response to Freshmen and I'm thrilled that our first two issues have sold out! I hope they enjoy the story turns we're about to take with issue #3."

Top Cow is already into a second printing on Freshmen #1, and will continue to monitor the marketplace and fan reaction to determine if there will be additional printings on Necromancer #1 and Freshmen #2.

For readers and retailers:

Necromancer #2 - JUL051698 D

Necromancer #3 - AUG051729 D

Freshmen #1: Extra Credit (second printing) - JUL058211 D

Freshmen #3 – JUL051697 D

FreshmenYearbook (one-shot) – AUG05173 D

Freshmen #4 – SEP051738 D

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