Giant-Sized Thor’s Hammer & Batarangs Could Be Yours This June

neca oversized batarang

Many consider Batman and Thor to be larger than life, but NECA Online is taking that literally. The company has produced two over-sized props based on comic book properties: a massive batarang and a giant Mjolnir, the hammer wielded by Marvel’s Thor. Both props will be made of foam and stand at roughly four feet wide.

The over-sized props, which will both become available in June, can be used as decorations or as part of a wacky costume, though neither will be particularly suited for their original intended purposes of fighting crime and thwarting frost giants.

Batarangs first appeared in “Detective Comics” #31 back in 1939. They were originally depicted as flat metal blades shaped like bats that were shown to return after being thrown, much like the boomerang. Batarangs have evolved significantly over the years; now, they can be folded to fit in Batman’s utility belt, while others can be detonated on -- or after -- impact. It goes without saying that NECA Online's batarangs neither fold nor explode.

Thor’s Mjolnir debuted in 1962's “Journey into Mystery” #83. The hammer was created when Odin defeated a cosmic storm called God Tempest and sealed its power inside a chunk of mystic Uru metal. The star that was used to forge the hammer exploded after the work was done and may even be the reason why the dinosaurs went extinct in Marvel canon. Only Thor can wield the hammer in the comics, but -- thanks to NECA Online -- now you can too.

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