Neat Jason Lutes Interview About Berlin

Oooh, nifty! I just noticed this nice little interview that Van Jensen did with Jason Lutes here about Lutes' awesome Berlin series, which Lutes is currently preparing for the final book (each book consists of eight individual issues, so we still have eight issues of Berlin to look forward to!). I can't believe it has been a decade since the first issue was released!!

It is such a great (and relatively rare, ongoing series-wise) comic book historical fiction, that I found Lutes' comments on his historical accuracy particularly interesting:

How much effort do you put into getting all the historical references accurate?

A German historian might take issue. As someone who doesn't read German or speak German, it's a challenge. With historical events, my notebooks always have a timeline, so if an event affects the story I can reflect that. But the book's coming out in Germany, and my German publisher has been really good about checking that stuff. And luckily so far it's been place names wrong, and once I did a train station that was totally wrong. My publisher sent someone out to take photos, and then I redrew the train station from the photos for the German edition. So I try to be accurate.

That being said, there's a point I have to allow my imagination to take over. That's where it's going to live. After filtering through that data, I see my job as using my imagination to make that stuff come alive.

Anyhow, check out the interview (there are some pages of the work there so you can see what it looks like), and check out the series, too! It's peachy keen! The second book is just coming out now, it's called Berlin: City of Smoke (the first book was called Berlin: City of Stones).

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