Neal Adams Unveils Decades-Old, Never-Before-Seen Marvel KISS Art


Decades after the iconic rock band KISS last appeared within the pages of a Marvel comic, previously unseen pencil art featuring the group has surfaced, rendered by none other than veteran fan-favorite artist Neal Adams. The 1979 piece was drawn by Adams as part of an intended sequel to Marvel's second but ultimately final full-length comic featuring the band, and is the first (and so far, only) known drawing by the legendary artist of the likewise-legendary rock 'n roll group.


While this is an exciting find for both KISS and comics fans alike, no one is more pleased than KISS co-founder Gene Simmons himself, who is also a longtime devoted comics and Neal Adams fan. "Neal Adams' art, was on a level most of the other guys could only dream of," Simmons professed in a statement to CBR. "From Magnus Robot Fighter, to Green Arrow and the X-Men. Now, a newly discovered, and previously unknown (to me) great piece of art by Neal Adams depicting KISS."

The image appears to have been designed as a wraparound cover, with the words "Destroy KISS" serving as a possible title for the undeveloped special. Adams' image shows a wizard-like character looming large over the band as they perform in concert, but the context behind the drawing might never be known. "My mind reels at the missed opportunities of having Neal pencil and ink KISS comics," Simmons added. "One can only dream." Adams is currently in possession of the art, which is reportedly available for sale.

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Moving from past KISS comics that weren't, to those that will be, Simmons also spoke of Dynamite Entertainment's upcoming "KISS: The Demon" series by Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, and Eman Casallos, the first series to spotlight Simmons, or any sole member of the group. "The pride I feel in seeing the first issue of 'The Demon' appear equals that sense of wonder I had as a kid, when I picked up my first comic book," Simmons said. "The kid in me secretly giggles and delights as I open issue #1 and read the spectacular story and words of Amy Chu."


Both Adams and Chu are appearing at this weekend's New Jersey Comic Expo, taking place Nov. 19 and Nov. 20 at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. "KISS: The Demon" #1 goes on sale Jan. 25.

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