Neal Adams Returns To "Avengers" With Bendis

Questions as to the future of Marvel Comics work both on their "Point One" initiative and with legendary artist Neal Adams got a definitive answer today from the Twitter account of the company's #1 writer, Brian Michael Bendis.

"You want a real announcement?" Bendis Tweeted this afternoon. "here's a real announcement: NEW AVENGERS 16.1 me and LEGEND Neal Adams. The return of Osborn! BOOM!"

The artist, known for his work on the classic Marvel Avengers story "The Kree-Skrull War" amongst many other comics accomplishments, previously worked with Bendis briefly at the beginning of the writer's Avengers run with a few pages in "Avengers Finale" - the 2005 comic that wrapped the original "Avengers" series to pave the way for Bendis' franchise-spinning "New Avengers" relaunch. If Adams draws the entire 16.1 issue (which should ship in September or October at the earliest), it will mark the first full collaboration between the pair.

Readers who have been following CBR's regular TALK TO THE HAT column with Marvel SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort may not be entirely surprised by the news. In March, Brevoort revealed that Adams would be working more with Marvel in the future, saying "We've been speaking with Neal about doing a project with us, and he's also going to be contributing an assortment of covers throughout the line. So you'll be seeing Neal's work at Marvel again in the near future."

In addition, last week's column entry included an item on the hotly debated "Point One" initiative and whether or not the move to make more jumping-on points for readers throughout the year was a success. Brevoort then explained, "I've seen some of the internet chatter about this over the last few days-and honestly, these people don't really know what they're talking about. First of all, as I always say, as I always say, the numbers that you see released online are not accurate. They never have been, and they never are. The Point One books have done terrifically for us. Many of them have performed at a level slightly higher than the monthly issues, and even the weakest of them sold at around the level of the monthly book. That's a massive success! And so we're going to be continuing with that program - we've got another flight of Point One issues ramping up for later on in this year. I also have to say that I think our creators and editors really did a bang-up job on them - the quality level throughout was very high."

For more with Brevoort on the entire Avengers line, check back to CBR later this afternoon for an all-Avengers themed installment of TALK TO THE HAT.

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