Neal Adams & Frank Miller to Create "Batman: Odyssey"

In a ComicMix podcast today, legendary comics creator Neal Adams confirmed rumors that he's working on a new Batman project for DC Comics. One of the most popular and influential Batman artists in the character's history, Adams revealed the project to be a mini-series in collaboration with Frank Miller, similarly famous for his hugely acclaimed tales of the Dark Knight. The mini-series is called "Batman: Odyssey" and will be plotted and drawn by Neal Adams.

"Essentially, it's an epic story of Batman," said Adams in the ComicMix podcast. "And Frank Miller has agreed to dialogue it for me."

Adams' announcement follows the consistent and successful release of DC Comics reprints of his Batman material. Miller currently writes "All-Star Batman & Robin," the title on which Adams was originally rumored to be working. The new mini-series will see the two biggest names historically associated with Batman working together for the first time. We think.

"I'm sort of re-playing with Batman," Adams remarked. "In my mind ['Batman: Odyssey'] was going to be six issues, but I really can't make it less than eight issues. So I'm going to do eight issues, even if I have to do two for free.

"I'm just kidding."

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