Neal Adams & Christos Gage Team For "Wolverine" Project

Comics news can break just about anyplace these days, but it appears that when it comes to acclaimed artist Neal Adams and Marvel Comics, interested fans should make sure they're following the right folks on Twitter.

A few months after Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis Tweet announced that Adams would be drawing the introductory "New Avengers" #16.1 (whose cover is at right with penciled interiors appearing in a recent Talk To The Hat column on CBR), the artist himself took to Twitter to release the barest details of his next Marvel project: a Wolverine collaboration with writer Christos Gage.

"I just finished New Avengers 16.1 written by @BRIANMBENDIS who has been saying very nice things about the work. (blush) He's posted pages," Adams wrote last night on his account. The artist then followed up, saying "Clearing the board for a five part Wolverine that Marvel seems to have re-titled "The First (something!)" I don't think I am supposed to say" and adding "I've heard nothing but good things about @Christosgage I intend to make this one of the best collaborations in comics ever. He does too!"

Of course, considering the fact that Adams is also finishing the maxi-series "Batman Odyssey" for DC (which he also addressed on Twitter), it may take a while before the official final details of the Wolverine project hit the web.

Stay tuned to CBR News as more information becomes available.

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